Safari with Us!

Let us take you on a safari to some of the many well-known national parks that surround this area (Ngorongoro Crater and Coservation Area, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, Lake Natron and Lake Easy).  We can also take you to visit the local villages and markets, where you can learn about the local people and their daily activities. [links #] We can arrange and organize day and overnight tours, and provide you with a car, driver, guide and take-away meals. To ensure availability, please arrange safaris in advance by sending us an email [link] or calling us by phone [link/number]

National parks

Safari with us to some of the area’s most well-known natural parks.

  • “Ngorongoro Crater” National Park [located a few minutes away from the monastery]
  • “Lake Manyara” National Park
  • “Tarangire” National Park
  • “Lake Easy”
  • “Lake Natron”
  • “Serengeti” National Park, including Olduvai throat and museum, where you may see extraordinary fossils and evidence of human presence in prehistoric periods.

Each park hosts an infinite number of wild animals, birds, large mammals, and reptiles. To observe these animals in their natural habitats as they migrate, seek water, hunt and feed is a wonderful experience that can hardly be described with words! Many of these parks also allow you to stay or camp overnight, and to visit the traditional peoples who live in the area: Masai, Hadzabe, Datoga/Barabaig and Iraaqw.

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Local life

Nuns and their collaborators will take you for a visit to Karatu and Mto-wa-mbu, close places with typical markets of fruits and vegetables, fabrics and handcrafted items, expression of Masai culture.

You can visit the local village of Kambi Ya Nyoka, and see how people live in the close surroundings of the monastery.

We can also take you to see some of the coffee plantations near the monastery. In season, you may be able to see how coffee is harvested, and how beans are processed,, washed and sun-dried.


**Please ensure to arrange these visits in advance via e-mail or phone**